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Just engaged? Congrats! Once you've had a moment (or two or three) to celebrate, join Maroo. It's the smartest way to plan and pay for your wedding.

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Maroo picks up where your wedding inspiration board left off.


Most helpful wedding budgeter

City-by-city insights to help you figure out how much you'll need, plus payment reminders that you can assign to anyone.

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Manage your wedding payments

Whether it’s just the two of you paying or there are multiple parties involved, we’ve made coordinating payments simple and stress-free.

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Split up your wedding expenses

Spread out the overall cost of your wedding into monthly installments that gives you 0% APR for 24 months.

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Financial planning

Your certified financial planner

From filing jointly to saving for your first home together, get free access to expert financial planning advice.

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The best way to stick to your budget is to start one.

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The smartest way to plan and pay

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    Figure out your wedding budget

    The city you’re marrying in, your guest list size, that dream venue — tell us about your wedding and we’ll create a personalized budget just for you.

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    Make a wedding payment plan

    Provide a few pieces of information and instantly receive a smart payment plan that gives you 0% APR for 24 months.

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    Streamline, enjoy the planning process, and pay over time

    Whether it’s just the two of you paying for the wedding, or there are multiple parties involved, we’ve made it easy for you to combine funds (so that making payments later is stress-free).

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    Next up

    Make financial plans together, set goals, and get all of your finance questions answered with free access to a certified financial planner.

Sticking to your original wedding budget shouldn’t be an extreme sport.

"Maroo is going to shape the future of wedding small businesses. The automated and secure transactions between clients and vendors is a total game-changer!"
Annie Lee

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Let's pay it forward together. For every transaction, our earth gets another tree.
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