The smartest way to pay for your wedding

We are on a mission to provide engaged couples planning their weddings with fair and transparent access to credit without the hidden fees, compounding interest, and small fonts.

Our story

From two entirely different backgrounds, we bring together decades of experience in the weddings and financial services industry with a shared vision: to provide couples with a smarter, more responsible way to pay for the weddings.

Our innovative payment method not only helps couples get the wedding they had in mind without overwhelming their bank accounts, it is designed to support the small business owners that power the weddings industry.

That’s why upfront payments for our pros and cancellation insurance is built in to every transaction.

Meet the team

Past: Revolut, General Electric
Corporate finance
Wedding detail: music 💃🕺
Money mantra: look after margins
Past: The Knot
Editor & Marketing Director 
Wedding detail: cake 🍰
Money mantra: cash is king
Past: Оndеr.Тесh, Lасеrо
Software engineer
Wedding detail: tux 🤵
Money mantra: compound growth

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